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Allison & Artie!

photo (17) I am always pushing myself and running 10 miles on October 5th was no exception. I was so excited and ready to break a PR.  With all Disney Races there is always a lot of energy and excitement in the air and this race was no exception. I was running with some of my friends and on Saturday I spent more time on my outfit than monitoring my fluid intake.


There is always a huge turnout for Disney races and the most stressful part of the race was waiting in line for 1/2 hour to use the port-a-potty.  I have always had diva demands but sometimes you just have to leave that behind when nature calls!  I finally made it to Corral I and Carissa of Fit2Flex counted us down. There was so much energy in the air- it was hard not to start out to fast.  Fortunately the three inclines were in the beginning of the race so it was nice to to get them out of the way. After my first mile I was way ahead of my pace and I was super excited, however, I began to mentally break down around mile 6.  I had to refocus on why I was running and remember this was for fun!  I began to take in my surroundings- the costumes, the characters and the music- and I began to calm down.  It was very hot and humid and I quickly realized that I was on the verge of dehydration.  I took advantage of every water and PowerAde stop.

5k training

Pacing herself for the 10 mile finish!

women who run

Artie and hubby, Mike

I was so grateful when we began our entry into MGM Studios since I knew I was almost finished.  It was such a mental and physical accomplishment and the best prize was meeting my husband at the finish line!

After the race we were able to enjoy the rides and simply have fun. It felt so good to share in the triumphs and challenges with the others racers!

See you at the Diva 1/2 Marathon in Puerto Rico!!!!!   XXOO- Artie

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