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ZOOMA Summer Challenge Week 1

WOW!  I just love the smell of a new summer challenge!  Luckily, the food challenge this week involved pineapple so it is smelling tropical not like stinky Skippy!  But dang, I got after it!   Let’s get started with Sunday and the 6 mile long run.  The BRF and I met up at 7am and […]


It is time to get a summer challenge ON!

It is hot, it is muggy and my motivation is sweating away!  Sound familiar ?  It may be time to get our summer challenge on! I participated last year and it was just the thing to help me over the summer slump.  There is fun food challenges,  exercise challenges (not just running) and a fun […]


ZOOMA Summer Challenge Week 5- What is Next?

Our ZOOMA Summer Challenge is over so what is next?  July is over so what is next?  It is August 1st, does that mean fall is around the corner?  Well, not really if you live in Florida, LOL!  Before I start sweating let’s get to the weekly update. Monday on the plan:    35 minute […]


ZOOMA Summer Challenge Week 4- Be Speedy!

Be Speedy!  Those are the two words my hubby says before every race.  The goal this summer has been to run a sub 30 5K.  As my hubby likes to remind me, I simply need to just run faster.  This is when I make a face at him and wander out the door mumbling, be […]


ZOOMA Summer Challenge Week 3- Celebration

Not only have I finished week 3 of the ZOOMA summer challenge but it has also been a week-long celebration!  Seriously, how did my daughter get to be 26?  Whew, I am getting old!  LOL!  Good thing you are only as old as you feel!  Right now I feel wet!  The celebration continues and it […]


ZOOMA Summer Challenge Week Two and a new PR!

We started the week off with a holiday and a lot of bang and a new PR to celebrate!  I love a 3 day weekend and a 4 day work week, I think we should have more of them!  It is time to check in with our weekly wrap hostesses:  Holly and Tricia!  This is […]


ZOOMA Summer Challenge Week One

AWWWWW!  Wasn’t the long weekend fabulous?  I loved it!  Last week we kicked off the ZOOMA Summer challenge and I am adding it to my normal training schedule.  Coach M gave it the thumbs up and I could not resist the challenge bling!  Each week we are introducing new foods to our diet and are […]


Happy June Week Three- The Big Easy

Good morning from the Big Easy!  Yes, I am in New Orleans!  I took off Saturday morning with the hubby for the International Tourism conference.  You guessed it, I am a stowaway!  I am on the hunt this morning for beignets and coffee so let’s get right to it shall we?  It is time to […]

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