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Just one of those weeks…..Weekly Wrap

Have you ever had one of those weeks?  You know, for whatever reason it is just not coming together.  Weather was off, my speed was off, my tummy well- that was off too, just one of those weeks!  I guess we are all entitled to one here and there so I won’t dwell to much […]


March madness or MBJ 2.0 version

Is it March madness or time for the MBJ 2.0 version?  I have finished 3 full weeks home and my stats have never looked better! These few weeks off have made me realize that I cannot do all things equally well and still be the best me.  Time for MBJ 2.0 version.  What will she […]


And so we are to March- weekly wrap

And so we are on to March!  We are marching right into Spring!  The sun is out, the wind is blowing and it is a great time to log in some miles!  Let’s get right to this week’s weekly wrap!  Don’t  forget to stop by and visit our lovely hostesses:  Holly and Tricia! Sunday on […]


Weekly wrap and a four letter word!

It is a four letter word and I am just going to throw it out there.  This week I met my stopping point, I called in sick and went and talked to my doctor.  The outcome ?  It is time to take FMLA.  I had to admit to myself that I can not run enough […]


Celebrate, plan, love and run- weekly wrap!

Hello and welcome back to the weekly wrap!  The first week of February is over and it has been a busy one!  February’s coffee chat is still up so please stop by and join me for a cup, I do share a little personal news.  The weekend of February 25th and 26th I am running […]


Just like that, back on track!

Just like that, I am back on track my friends!  It feels so good!!!!!!  2016 ended and 2017 started with a bang.  I felt out of sorts when I returned from my Texas trip and I was determined to get it together!  You all are so sweet and motivating- I appreciate you!  So let’s get […]


Not the year end I expected…………

This has not been the year end that I expected.  Where do I start?  We left off last week with me sprawled out on the sidewalk.  My knees and elbows are bruised and very tender.  The scrapes and road rash are healing.  My heart, otherwise took an unexpected shot. Make sure to check out posts […]


The long run that FELL short!

Good morning!  It is so nice to have a Monday morning off!  Christmas is over and I hope everyone had a fantastic day!  I am linking up with our weekly wrap hostesses:  Tricia and Holly.  I will admit, this kind of feels like a coffee post.  You know I am sitting in my jammies, drinking […]


It’s a Sticky Wrap! Weekly Wrap-Florida Style

Yes! This week it is a sticky wrap!  I mean,  I am enjoying seeing all the pictures of snow and running tights and cold temps but folks, I am a sticky wrap in December!  You know we had a little breather but we all know Mother Nature can be a tease.  Winter is clearly not […]


What’s next Weekly Wrap

What’s next?  How do you top last weekend?  Well, you can’t! I’m still smiling from my fun girl’s racecation, running with a sweet friend and having  Coach M at the finish 😊! 🍾 It has been a busy week and the holidaze is setting in! Spotty internet service and now no internet service at home […]

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