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Hello July! Ultimate Coffee date!

Hello July!  Hello summer!  Come here you beautiful mug of coffee!  It may be hot outside but that cup still tastes good first thing in the morning!  You know I had to join the cool club and get this Utah mug while I was traveling! Thanks for stopping by, let’s chat!  June was a whirlwind […]


WTH? May is over? I need coffee!

WTH?  May is over?  How can that be?  I am on such a roll!  Pull up a chair, grab your coffee mug and let’s catch up! Let’s sip and dish! So the miles are in.  77.80 for the month of May to be exact!  I missed one long run.  I procrastinated, it was hot, I […]


Jelly Beans and World Peace- Coffee Chat

May is my month! Why?  Let’s first talk about Mother’s day!  Pull up a chair, grab that big mug and let’s dish a bit!  Jelly beans and world peace.  That is my standard answer when my kids ask me what I want for Mother’s day.  It is kind of a joke now, I have been […]


Coffee sippin’ and Runfessions

Yum, coffee sippin‘, does it get any better?  The hubby found a new creamer for me to try made with real almond and coconut cream.  It is tasty you should try it!  Well now that we have our coffee I will runfess I am also having some of those fun graham cracker sticks and I […]


Coffee and a little Florida love!

Good morning beautiful people!  It is time for a little Florida love and a big ol’ cup of coffee!  You know I love it!  Just one big mug, a little coffee creamer and spoon of coconut oil.  Yup, if will keep you pretty!  Spring is in the air!  Grab a mug and visit a minute. […]


Let’s make February Fabulous- Coffee chat

Good morning and thanks for stopping by!  I love having a cup of coffee and having coffee with a fabulous friend is even better!  Did you see my new mug?  Yup, this is my new favorite! So let’s chat!  In case you we have missed each other over the last month I announced I am […]


Hot Coffee January Talk

Grab a cup of hot coffee and join me for a few minutes!  We have some catching up to do! It is still hard to believe that it is the first of January.  I am a very calendar oriented person and I am still a little thrown off.  With the last-minute travel to Texas for […]


Happy Holidays December Coffee Date

It is just crazy that we are 3 weeks out to Christmas!  Seriously?  How did that happen so fast? Thank you for stopping by this morning and joining me for coffee!  Please make sure you stop by and visit with our hostesses:  Deborah and Coco too! Happy Holiday ya’ll, let’s chat!  ☕️ If we were […]


November Thanksgiving Coffee Chat

Good morning lovelies!  Holy Moly it is the first Saturday in November, what the heck! If we were having coffee this morning I would tell you: I have 2 races this month.  One of them is this morning!  Yes I am sipping coffee and tying my shoelaces!  I am running the Lake to Lake 10K […]


September Sippin’ Coffee Date

  It has been a few swampy September days in Central Florida so kick off those wet shoes, grab a mug and let’s get this coffee date started! If we were sippin’ coffee I would tell you: We Floridians know it is September because preseason football is over, our college teams play this weekend and […]

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