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Make any day a Valentine’s Day!

Who is ready for a little Valentine’s day action?  Many people believe that Valentine’s day is driven by the greeting cards industry and is another ploy to get people to spend money.  Really?  LOL!  I personally like a great excuse to show my sweet side and pamper or surprise someone I love with something a […]


I have been shopping around!

Yah, I said it, I have shopped around!  I don’t know what came over me but I am sure my credit card is screaming at me!  But oh, those beautiful boxes that land on the doorstep! Warning:  this post is full of affiliate links, style and fun deals!  Clicking these links does not change the […]


Happy Birthday and a Giveaway!

Happy Birthday to me! Yes it is here, the big 5-0! I am headed to celebrate in sin city, I mean birthday city, yes- Las Vegas! I thought I would share a few birthday desert party must haves. This post contains affiliate links Our adventure begins Friday morning in Bootleg Canyon.  We are going on […]


The beauty of Spring!

WOO HOO!  It is Spring and I am going to celebrate the color and beauty even if my noses runs and I have a cough I can’t shake!  My favorite flowers are plenty during the Easter weekend! #lovetulips  My pineapple garden/farm is blooming, eight babies so far!  #ilovepineapples this post contains affiliate links Enjoy the […]


Smokin’ hot March coffee date

Good morning!  Are you smokin’ hot?  My coffee is,  out of my new best friend Keurig #2!  🙂  Join me and our smokin’ hot hostesses, Deborah, Coco and Lynda for a good old-fashioned coffee chat!  You don’t have to drink coffee, tea, mimosa or Bloody Mary is fine too, I don’t judge! So if we […]


Falling for Stitch Fix! 

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Can you believe Stitch Fix #10! And I’m still having fun! If you are new to the Stitch Fix concept, they are an online styling company . You set up an account, pick your style preferences and schedule your first fix.  It is that easy!  You are totally in control! The stylist will pick out […]


Are you crazy about plaid?

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Are you crazy about plaid?  You all know I am a huge fan of Stitch Fix and I love fall.  This Florida girl cannot wait for the temps to drop.  We had a few mornings in the 60’s last week and I got all excited and started scouring for what is “cool”  and trending for my […]


Fit & Fashion in Italy

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Good day!  I am still wrapping my head around all the beautiful and fabulous things I did and saw while in Italy.  I thought today we would talk a bit about fashion in Italy.  Once all the planning is done then we know what is next, the packing!  Going to a country like Italy is […]


Stitch Fix and Italy- I am Ready!

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The day is here!  I am packed and we are leaving for Italy!  It is time for this adventure to begin!  It has been a whirlwind of making reservations, reading trip reviews and packing! I scheduled a Stitch Fix delivery for a couple of weeks ago.  If you are new to Stitch Fix you receive 5 items […]


Be a Planner with Stitch Fix!

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Happy Friday!  I can feel that long weekend coming and maybe the promise of fall?  Do you start changing your wardrobe after Labor Day?  Well here if Florida just about anything goes!  We are definitely the state of well, fashion diversity! I wanted to start of #StitchFixFriday and #FitnFashionable Friday and share the latest article […]

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