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I must Runfess……I am addicted to my………….

You know what time it is!!!??!!! Time to get those dirty little runfessions off your chest!  Make sure you link up with Marcia and tell her Speedy MB said Hi, will ya?  So, I must runfess, I am addicted to my Fitbit Blaze.  I mean it is like an obsession.  There has been a couple […]


Coffee sippin’ and Runfessions

Yum, coffee sippin‘, does it get any better?  The hubby found a new creamer for me to try made with real almond and coconut cream.  It is tasty you should try it!  Well now that we have our coffee I will runfess I am also having some of those fun graham cracker sticks and I […]


February in Florida- what to runfess?

Yes, it is February in Florida, so what could I possibly have to runfess?  It is the last Friday of the month and the runfessional is open!  I hate to be left behind so thanks for stopping by!  This is my first full week home on my FMLA sick leave and I will share, it […]


January Runfessions- going commando?

Warning:  it is the first Friday of the year and it is time to air our dirty laundry, like really.  I love running and all that it involves but I am not out the door in 2 minutes or less each morning.  There is a lot to think about.  One hurdle I had to get […]


My First Runfession, here we go!

link up with Marcia and runfess, it is good for the soul! Look at me!  Here I am, my first runfession post!  Why does this link up make me nervous?  I don’t know!  We all know I love me some Coach M, maybe that is it?  Pressure!  Runfession #1.  I am getting over it and […]

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