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Let the Utah Valley Adventure Begin!!!

Coming to you from Provo, Utah!!!!  First let me thank you all for such a warm welcome last week as your weekly wrap hostess!  So much fun!  Make sure you show Kim, KookyRunner just as much love!  I won’t lie this week has been a whirlwind! There is job hunting, baby Luna, and getting ready […]


Weekly Wrap Guest Who? I am a Hostess!

Guess who is the Weekly Wrap guest hostess?  You got it- this girl!  If you don’t know, Holly and Tricia mean the world to me so the pressure is on to do a good job.  They are enjoying a little summer R & R and this is my week to help out.  So, we need […]


May is my Month- Week Four!

It is week four of my favorite month of the year, thank you ALL for celebrating with ME!  Love it!  Gifts, subscription boxes and such still keep rolling in this week making me feel like one special lady! The hubby and I took to the road this week.  We left on Wednesday and just returned […]


May is my Month- Week Three

Woo Hoo it has been a great birthday week!  We kicked it off with Mother’s day, I resigned from my position at work and then we slid right into my birthday!  If you missed the details, catch it here!  Week three is really heating up here (most days in the 90’s)  and Coach M had […]


May is my Month- Week Two

May is my month!  This is my mantra this month and I am sticking to it!  Last week I shared my horoscope with you and it pretty much coincides with my message for May in my Erin Condren planner.  Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known.  Gives me goosebumps thinking about it!  So how […]


May is my month- Week 1 recap

May is my month!  Love it! There is Mother’s day, my birthday and Memorial day!  I am also coming to the end of my FMLA period and it is time to make some serious decisions.  I have loved my time off but my sense of responsibility to my family is kicking in.  Hopefully I will […]


I am just putzing around! Weekly wrap

Good morning or it may be afternoon by the time I quit putzing around and get this update posted! I was even up early this morning but seem to be in no giant hurry.  Ever feel that way?  Nice thing is when you are the blogger you can make your own schedule!  So thanks for […]


My April progress and a FULL fall schedule!

It is Tuesday on the Run and run I did!  It is time to check on my April progress and update the running calendar!  My year of live, love, laugh is in full swing and I am enjoying all it has to offer! LIVE:   I am much happier with my runs.  I feel like […]


It’s not Spring, it is Sprummer! Weekly wrap

I don’t know about you and where you live but it is not Spring, it is Sprummer here in Central Florida!  WTH?  Spring was too short and we are on a fast pace to Summer!  That’s ok, I am on a fast pass to run Utah, right?  So bring it on!  No pressure when you […]


You always have time for the things you put first

You always have time for the things you put first.  I think this best describes my exercise philosophy.  If I do not put it first, first on my calendar or schedule it first during the day it is easy to get distracted.  I got in 5 active days this week only because I moved Sunday’s […]

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