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Weekly wrap and a four letter word!

It is a four letter word and I am just going to throw it out there.  This week I met my stopping point, I called in sick and went and talked to my doctor.  The outcome ?  It is time to take FMLA.  I had to admit to myself that I can not run enough […]


February Fun Weekly Wrap

Who needs a little February fun?  I do!  Valentine’s day is on the way and so is my Gasparilla challenge.  Oh, let’s not forget about my Major League golf scramble!  This month is all about miles, golf balls and more attention to my cross training! In case you got busy this past week I did […]


Celebrate, plan, love and run- weekly wrap!

Hello and welcome back to the weekly wrap!  The first week of February is over and it has been a busy one!  February’s coffee chat is still up so please stop by and join me for a cup, I do share a little personal news.  The weekend of February 25th and 26th I am running […]


My January Report Card

Hello February!  Before I get started with a new month, let’s take a quick look at my January report card!  Thank you Coach Marcia for the great idea!  Make sure you check her progress report as well!  The focus of 2017 for me is to live, love and laugh!  How did I do? LIVE!  Live […]


Taper week- getting ready for a Celebration!

WOO HOO!  It is taper week!  Time for a couple last quick runs and then it is time to celebrate!  Celebration Half Marathon is Sunday, January 29th!  I think I am ready.  I am little nervous about the weather forecast, I don’t run much in the rain and that is a great combo for a […]


This week was green and gold, blue and pink!

Green and gold, blue and pink, life is full of color and this week was no exception!  Thank you for stopping by this week’s weekly wrap.  Active women supporting active women!  Make sure to stop by and say Hi! to Holly and Tricia who make this link up happen! Sunday on the plan:  REST! Time […]


I am 2 weeks out! 1st Half of 2017!

Time is ticking away and I cannot believe I am 2 weeks out to my first half marathon of 2017!  Am I excited?  As my hubby would say, do bears poop in the woods?  That’s a yes, for the ladies that read my blog! This half is really exciting for me.  First off, it is […]


Live, Love and Laugh in 2017!

Live, love and laugh in 2017!  This is my motto, my word(s), my plan for 2017.  It is time to get it together, the year has kicked off and although it has had a tough start I can also say 2016 had a tough finish.  I have much to be happy about, thankful about and […]


Just like that, back on track!

Just like that, I am back on track my friends!  It feels so good!!!!!!  2016 ended and 2017 started with a bang.  I felt out of sorts when I returned from my Texas trip and I was determined to get it together!  You all are so sweet and motivating- I appreciate you!  So let’s get […]


Not the year end I expected…………

This has not been the year end that I expected.  Where do I start?  We left off last week with me sprawled out on the sidewalk.  My knees and elbows are bruised and very tender.  The scrapes and road rash are healing.  My heart, otherwise took an unexpected shot. Make sure to check out posts […]

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