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I must Runfess……I am addicted to my………….

You know what time it is!!!??!!! Time to get those dirty little runfessions off your chest!  Make sure you link up with Marcia and tell her Speedy MB said Hi, will ya?  So, I must runfess, I am addicted to my Fitbit Blaze.  I mean it is like an obsession.  There has been a couple […]


The StepBet Stats! My Adventure!

Here it is, the moment we have waited for, my StepBet stats!  How did I do?  Did I really make any money?  So, more than 6 weeks ago I got an email from the folks at StepBet.  A challenge was open and the timing was right.  The hubby was doing a lot of travel at […]


Heart to Heart Rate <3

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the central or most innermost part of something Welcome to Wednesday word with Debruns!  Today we are talking about heart.  This is so fitting for me as the central or most innermost part of my training revolves around heart rate.  I am fascinated by it! this post has affiliate links I just finished my first half […]


Holiday Giveaway Blog Hop!!!!!

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It is here!  It is time to start the Holiday Giveaway Blog hop!  This is my way of saying thank you and Happy Holidays all at once!  It has been a great year and co-hosting this giveaway hop with Kristy is like icing on the cake! So thank you!  Thank you for reading my training posts, […]


life*hack? What is it?

I love linking up every week with Jill and Jessica for the #fitfam discussions but this week the topic is healthy living life hacks?  Seriously?  I have never heard of this term before!  I needed to do a little research! Life hack-  a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one’s time and daily activities in […]


Weekly update & Green Smoothies!

This is week one of my comeback plan and it will be long 4 week recovery process. 🙁  I have to admit it wasn’t bad hanging out in my jammies until 10:00am, reading lots of blog posts, drinking coffee and just general lollygagging :).   So what was my plan for week one?  Log in 1 […]


5 biggest blog posts for 2014!

  We are quickly wrapping up 2014 and headed into a new year but I can’t help to take a moment and reflect.  I posted yesterday a recap of my 2014 runs and favorite race events, click here if you missed it but what were my 5 most popular biggest blog posts?  After reading This Mama […]


Merry Fit-mas! What’s in your Stocking?

Merry Fit-mas All!  I don’t know how it works at your house but at my house if I want something for Christmas from the hubby then I better put in on a list!  He also like pages from magazines complete with website, color, and discount codes!  Sometimes this really requires some thought!  I thought I […]


#30daystosummerfit !! My Fitbit challenge

The clock is ticking and bikini season is here for most of us!  Fitbit has challenged us to get fit in 30 days!  So what do you think so far?  Of course my favorite day was- just get out and run!  Easy for me!  My running schedule consists of 3 runs per week right now […]


My Progress with Fitbit

It is hard to believe that the summer is around the corner!  How funny!  We are at the 90 degree mark already here in sunny Central Florida.  I just wanted to update you all in my Fitbit adventure.  I am still in love with this little gizmo!  Even more now that I have the Iphone […]

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