Skora running shoes & AMRAP winners!



Good morning!  Who does not like to start their day off with an email that states you are a winner?

Well, if your name is Alyson, Matt or Mindy you may have an email from Tutus & Tennies this morning so check your email!  Congrats to the winners of the AMRAP protein bar giveaway!  I thank you all who took the time to read the review and enter.  Stay tuned, I have a new giveaway starting next Monday morning!

I love entering giveaways and trying new products! I recently won a gift certificate from another blogger for Skora running.  Guess what?  My new shoes are here!




These are some cool looking shoes and I can’t wait to try them out!  This is the information I found on their website:

Meet Your Training Partner

The human foot was designed for action – footwear shouldn’t get in the way. Whether upping your mileage or putting in time at the gym, FIT is designed for comfort, speed and agility. Train naturally, without sacrificing cushioning and protection.

  • Medium cushioned midsole provides ample cushioning
  • Zero-drop construction lets the foot move naturally
  • High abrasion rubber optimizes durability
  • Anatomical fit matches the foot’s shape
  • Seamless air mesh upper provides sock-like fit
  • Antimicrobial insole helps fight odor

My hubby laughed when I took them out of the box!  They kind of look like moon shoes and they are super light!  I learned about zero drop and minimalist running shoes earlier in the year at the running clinic I attended.  They grabbed my attention with the words train naturally and designed for speed!  Maybe this is what my feet have been looking for???




Well this weekend I have a chance to test them out!  The Lakeland Runner’s Club is hosting an event called, The Aching Quad!  4 runs in 24 hours!  That’s right!  2 5K’s, a 1 mile run and a 2 mile run all within 24 hours.  This madness starts Friday night and ends Saturday night and sounds like the perfect time to take the new Skora tennies for a test run!

So what do you think? Any tips on moving to a zero drop running shoe? Please share  🙂

6 Responses so far.

  1. Those are some cool looking shoes! Do you like running in them?

    • MB says:

      I haven’t run in them yet- I was thinking of this weekend when I do the aching quad event- maybe start with the 1 mile run, then try the 2 mile run. I heard you have to work your way into them if you have never worn a zero drop shoe before so I am a little nervous.

  2. Annmarie says:

    I have heard a lot about Skora shoes but never tried them! I will be interested to read how you like running in them!

  3. Kyle says:

    I love my Fits! Whenever testing out a new pair of shoes, it’s always best to ease into them gradually 🙂

    • MB says:

      I have 4 runs this weekend so I thought I would wear them first on the one mile run to see how I do ! Thanks for stopping by the blog!

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