PR or ER- my Summer of Speed!

So my Summer of Speed has come to an end!  Was it what I expected?  NO 🙁  Was it what I had trained for? NO 🙁    Sometimes you have to make tough decisions.  Funny this was my calendar pop up today as I was preparing for this post.

The Watermelon 5K Series is hosted by the Lakeland Runners Club.  The course is beautiful and basically flat.  You run around Lake Hollingsworth in Lakeland.  The races start at 7am so yes we are out to see the sunrise.  If you are a college sport fan you may have heard of the Florida Southern Mocs, their campus sits on this lake as well.  The series is made up of 4 runs and only costs $40!  A nice tech running shirt is yours before race #4!

 I had decided at the beginning of the summer this would be the series that  I would train and finally see a finish under 30 minutes!  I dusted off the old training program from Run the Edge and this time added intervals, tabata and yoga 🙂  So instead of 3 runs per week I planned to complete 4.  I am also training for my next half in September so I am thinking this plan will work perfectly.

Race #1 my daughter and I are ready!  Whew! Ok, that took a little doing, but a nice finish.  Remember this is central Florida so I did not run a race in under 95% humidity all summer.  We have 3 more weeks until race #2.  I am further in my training program and my distance is increasing!  I am finally starting to see negative splits!  I thought you all made that stuff up!  Race #2 earns me a PR!  30:27!  I am loving it!  Race #3 comes and the hubby had been out of town all week and of course comes home the evening before.  I may have had more wine than I should have and my time goes back up.  Lesson learned!  Then comes lovely race #4.  6 days post sting ray encounter and 2 days post kitchen knife incident.  What do you do?  PR or ER?  I made sure that foot was bandaged tightly and my daughter and I went to the last race!  I did not know what to expect.  The stitches of course are healing and my foot is still swollen but the horn blows and I am off!  The legs felt great!  Duh, I have rested for days and I don’t feel pain in my foot but I am not crazy!  Slow and easy I remind myself, we are just looking to finish!  Finish I did!  I copied my series results below from the coolrunning website.

Mary Beth Jackson#personalrecord
Winter Haven FL
Series Total:

Watermelon Series Race #1

Watermelon Series Race #2

Watermelon Series Race #3

Watermelon Series Race #4

I finished 8th in my age group out of 28.  So how does that compare to my previous years?  2014 I finished 7th out of 26 with a total of 2:06:42, that is a 2:24 decrease!  2013 was my first running year.  I had finished the Couch to 5K program and this series was the first race I had run the entire 5K without stopping or walking.  In 2013 I finished 9th out of 20 with a total time of 2:14:17.  So in 2 years I have shaved off 9:59!  I may not have reached my sub 30 goal but I am happy with those numbers!

What does this mean?  The temperatures will drop, the humidity will decrease and my foot will heal and I will fly!  🙂  Bring on the fall runs, I will be ready!

I am linking up with Jill for Fitness Friday!  Hop on over and join us!

Do you push thru injuries or hold back and play it safe?  Anyone else tired of running in this heat?  Bring on the FALL!!!!race%20recap_zpsky3snowgtutus_mb-01



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  1. Great job MB! I use to push through but that just made my injuries worse. I am definitely more cautious now!

  2. Marcia says:

    Humidity aside, that race series looks like fun! I wish there was something like that around here that didn’t take me 3 hours to get to the city for. How’s your foot feeling now? Are the toes any better?

    • MB says:

      Toes not so much better and swelling is worse, got a big ole shot in the rump today and back on another antibiotic! This stingray will not win! Thanks for checking on me 🙂

  3. I try not to push myself through an injury – it doesn’t usually end well for me. But I’ve never had stitches; just overuse injuries.

    I think you did great & have set yourself up well for fall racing!

  4. I’m so ready for the cooler temps! Yesterday it was 60 degrees for my morning run and I flew! Yes!

    • MB says:

      60 degrees? Really? I am so jealous! and yes I am signing up for the Sarasota race- I am planning a big ole race signing up weekend this Saturday 🙂

  5. jaelynnakin says:

    How ironic that showed up today! Here’s your sign!!

  6. Sharon says:

    Way to go with the series! So cool to add up all the times! A 2:24 decrease is awesome! The cooler weather will be great! This morning was so nice, I ran a lot faster!

  7. HoHo Runs says:

    That’s a great improvement from last year’s series! You should be proud! I could smell Fall yesterday and today. It was so nice on my morning runs! I know it won’t last, but I appreciate glimpsing the light at the end of the tunnel.

  8. Nice finish to your series! I too often push through a little injury and make it worse. Yes looking forward to fall running temps too.

    • MB says:

      thank you Deborah! I have read many blogs posts about the same thing and I decided better slow and easy 🙂 Now I have a nice shot in the rump and more antibiotics! I will not let this stingray win!

  9. I have reluctantly held back due to injury…just getting back into running after 3 weeks and totally off in my training but i will push through!

    I usually run in the early mornings so tha air is still nice and cool. once that sun comes out, I am in the house!!! Bring on Fall!

  10. Annmarie says:

    WOW! Great job with your race considering your foot injury, I don’t know if I coulda pulled that off! My big toe is super bruised right now and I’m nervous I won’t be able to race Saturday but you’re giving me hope! You’ll definitely fly once the foot heals and the temps drop!

    • MB says:

      Good luck Saturday! I have not run all week, I let me foot rest so I can try to get 7 miles out of it on Saturday for the Sole Sisters virtual run. I will be thinking of you!

  11. Awesome job getting a new PR this summer and making it to all the races.

  12. Kelli says:

    those are great results for a summer race series. You are right, it will be much easier with the cooler temps of fall and you will reap the rewards of this hard work!

  13. Nice job! Your hard work is paying off! I do think the fall will bring cooler temps and lots of faster race times:)

  14. I’m always one to play it safe. I have an unhealthy fear of an injury turning into chronic pain. I had an issue with my knee that just wouldn’t resolve a few years ago and I’ve been very cautious ever since.

  15. Jen says:

    Great job, looks like a fun series! I bad about pushing through injury but trying to be better and listen to my body!

  16. jill conyers says:

    I’m so ready for fall! Pushing through injuries is a thing of the past for me. It’s just not worth it.

    • MB says:

      I have rested all week so I am headed out in a bit to see if I can get some miles in 😃 I am not pushing to hard either!

  17. I never push through an injury, I do the rest to hope and come back strong. Good choice in your strategy to hold back and be conservative!! Great job!

  18. Great job on your race series! Eventually I need to focus more on speed so I can take some time off my usual distances. Hope you make some great leaps in the fall!

  19. Coco says:

    LOL, I love the “PR or ER” question. I’m glad you didn’t end up in the ER – and I’m glad your foot is getting better!

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  21. Sorry you didn’t hit your sub 30 but WTG with the time difference over the years. And who allowed that faster person in your age group to sign up?? LOL

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