Live, Love and Laugh in 2017!

Live, love and laugh in 2017!  This is my motto, my word(s), my plan for 2017.  It is time to get it together, the year has kicked off and although it has had a tough start I can also say 2016 had a tough finish.  I have much to be happy about, thankful about and […]


Just like that, back on track!

Just like that, I am back on track my friends!  It feels so good!!!!!!  2016 ended and 2017 started with a bang.  I felt out of sorts when I returned from my Texas trip and I was determined to get it together!  You all are so sweet and motivating- I appreciate you!  So let’s get […]


Hot Coffee January Talk

Grab a cup of hot coffee and join me for a few minutes!  We have some catching up to do! It is still hard to believe that it is the first of January.  I am a very calendar oriented person and I am still a little thrown off.  With the last-minute travel to Texas for […]


To Challenge or not to Challenge- that is the question!

Do you love a good challenge?  Do you like a group atmosphere to motivate and inspire?  I do!  I can’t myself.  It is part of my FOMO.  Every challenge provides something new.  New swag, new fitness ideas and new friends that all like to …. well, sweat! Some challenges have motivated me to plank. Some […]


Not the year end I expected…………

This has not been the year end that I expected.  Where do I start?  We left off last week with me sprawled out on the sidewalk.  My knees and elbows are bruised and very tender.  The scrapes and road rash are healing.  My heart, otherwise took an unexpected shot. Make sure to check out posts […]


I Runfess with the Friday Five!

The end of December is here and Thank God is all I have to say!  I do love the holiday season but in the accounting world it is the end of the year.  I am stressed and well, the hubby, if he is working more than 4 hours a day I will kiss your $%! […]


And the medal goes to……..year 2016!

2016 has been such a big year it will take several posts to wrap it all up!  Runners run for many reasons.  Some talk about the runner’s high, some runners are just very competitive and some have to run every race.  Others are in it for the adventure, making new friends and the bling, well […]


The long run that FELL short!

Good morning!  It is so nice to have a Monday morning off!  Christmas is over and I hope everyone had a fantastic day!  I am linking up with our weekly wrap hostesses:  Tricia and Holly.  I will admit, this kind of feels like a coffee post.  You know I am sitting in my jammies, drinking […]


Merry Christmas!

  Merry Christmas!  I hope you have a safe and happy holiday weekend! I have a quick holiday challenge for you:  It is not to late to donate to your local nursing home- adopt a grandparent for Christmas  Phone a friend that you have not spoken to in a while.  Still shopping?  Slow down and […]


Hot Chocolate 15K- Tampa Recap

Disclaimer: I was selected as a Hot Chocolate 15K ambassador.  I was given a free race entry but all opinions are my own. Sunday, December 18th marked the first year that the Hot Chocolate 15K  series made it to Tampa!  This was not my first Hot Chocolate 15K race.  I ran one a couple of years […]

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