Part 2- Everything is bigger in Texas!

There isn’t anything quite like a Diva race.  If you have not participated in one I would recommend it!  This is my second time as a Divas participant and my daughter Katie’s first Divas race.  We finished up in Austin and hopped in our rental car and headed towards Galveston.  For this race we did […]


They say everything is bigger in Texas!

My daughter, Katie and I flew out to Texas for a big running weekend.  First on my plate was Zooma Texas (Austin) and my first 10K followed by a 5K the next morning (Galveston) presented by the Divas Marathon series.  This was my first attempt at running two back to back races! Katie- Lost Pines Resort   We flew […]


Expedition Everest Challenge- Post Party

Expedition Everest Challenge is a very popular Disney 5K and night scavenger hunt but the real question is:  what is the after party all about? We are all in for a great post party celebration, let’s be honest.  This party packs a lot of punch and is one of my running groups favorites! As a runner what are the […]


Easter Blessings

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As Easter approaches, I wanted to take a few moments to reflect on all of the blessings I enjoy as a runner: 1.  Ability to Run:  I am very blessed to be able to run – regardless of my times.  With so much tragedy and injustice in this world, I am grateful that I have […]


Time to ask the Doctor????

So we are headed out today for my first back to back running weekend!  I am a little nervous!  First on my plate I have Zooma Texas in Austin on Saturday morning and it is my first 10K.  I am going to follow that with a 5K in Galveston presented  by the Diva Run Series! […]


My visit to Swirlgear!

Being a Swirlgear ambassador I could not resist going by the Swirlgear office during my visit to Chicago!  Marisa Flores, Senior Manager was gracious enough to invite me into her world for a real look behind the scenes of the growing business.  One of the interesting things about Chicago is that you cannot tell what […]


And the winner is ???????

This has been so much fun! and I hope everyone has enjoyed the Spring into Fitness Blog hop!We would like to thank and for organizing such a fun event!  WE have gained new followers and found new great blogs and readers/runners to follow as well! What would a blog hop be without a […]


What’s On Your Playlist?

I’ve been in a rut lately with my running and my music has become BORING!  It is time to change it up but I need help.  Right now I cannot imagine trying to run without noise.  I often count how far I have gone by the song that is playing.  When I am ready to […]

Ask the Doctor- I just wanted to know

So I have always wanted to know what is more important- the pre workout meal or the post workout meal?  I am a morning runner- I like to get up early, slowly drink a cup of coffee and then get dressed to run, it is usually a 45 minute process.  When I say run I […]


The Packing List

Whether I am traveling to Chicago for a conference or Greece for vacation I never forget to pack my running shoes.  The roads have led to some fabulous places to explore when I ventured out for a “quick” run.   Depending on the destination and climate, tennis shoes may not be enough.  Here are my […]

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