Coffee sippin’ and Runfessions

Yum, coffee sippin‘, does it get any better?  The hubby found a new creamer for me to try made with real almond and coconut cream.  It is tasty you should try it!  Well now that we have our coffee I will runfess I am also having some of those fun graham cracker sticks and I am jabbing them inside of the peanut butter jar.  Don’t tell!

So, we are coffee sippin’ and I want to share some exciting news.  My son FINALLY got married last Friday!  OMG!  I was beginning to wonder if it was going to happen!  It was just a small justice of the peace style wedding but he looks so handsome and happy walking around with his wedding band on.  You know he is mine, just look at the hair!  I runfess, his man bun usually looks better than my running bun.  We are busy planning the baby shower and you can check out my board on Pinterest.  Feel free to send me some pins- we are over the moon for this baby!

I have so enjoyed my time away from work.   It would be nice if I did not have to return but that is moat likely some time towards the end of April.  The FREEDOM has been wonderful and I have never felt so relaxed !  In fact, I will runfess that all my body parts have relaxed.  If you read my Best Damn Race recap you know exactly what I mean.  I can’t run even 3 short miles without taking a potty break.  Really?  The upside is I do feel skinny.

I runfess that I have no big races planned until the Utah Valley half.  I am kind of happy about that!  There are a few 5K’s and such but no big miles.  I feel like my pace is off, my tummy is definitely off and I need to get it together.  Funny, I thought all this time at home relaxing would make the running easier and instead I have just slowed down.  Well, except for my colon……  Enough potty talk for today!

March has been a blast with spring training, Monday morning yoga, kayaking with Wendy, running with Tricia and a fun day at the zoo!  I plan on traveling to Georgia for a few days of fun with my BF Kitty.  I will take advantage of those hills in her neighborhood for a couple of my runs!  My coffee sippin’ has come to a finish and I appreciate you stopping by!

Leave a comment below if you would like a free entry to the Utah Valley half.  You can use it for any distance.  I have one entry become available I hate to have it go to waste!

Thought for April:  You always have time for the things you put first.

Any runfessions this month or are you just sippin’ coffee?  Do tell!





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  1. Marcia says:

    By the looks of her parents, I suspect baby Luna is going to have one helluva great head of hair! Let me know what days you’ll be in Georgia and I’ll give you some hill workouts. 🙂
    Marcia recently posted…Runfessions: Spring Break EditionMy Profile

  2. Elle says:

    Have a great time in Georgia with your friend. The hills will be a fun change!

  3. Kimberly G says:

    Congrats to your son and new daughter-in-law! What an exciting time for your family 🙂
    Kimberly G recently posted…Join me for March RunfessionsMy Profile

  4. Congrats to your son! A runfession for me would be that I did less than 15k of running this month…and I’m actually okay with it!
    Anna @ Pipers Run recently posted…March RunfessionsMy Profile

  5. That’s so great for your son and congrats to all of you! Planning a baby shower must be fun. Looking forward to seeing the photos. See you tomorrow for coffee!
    Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner recently posted…March Runfessions + Skirt Sports GiveawayMy Profile

  6. How you guys run in that heat all.the.time is beyond me. I knew there was a reason I didn’t take up running until after we left TX!

    There are some really young grandmas in our group; congrats!
    Judy @ Chocolaterunsjudy recently posted…I broke the rules: Runfessions March 2017My Profile

  7. Darlene says:

    Congrats, grandma-to be. Have fun in Georgia. I will be having FOMO when you guys are in Utah but I’ll see you all for a #holottafun in Vegas.
    Darlene recently posted…Runfessions – MarchMy Profile

  8. Congrats to your son and his new wife! Im sure this will be an exciting time for your whole family!
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted…5 Embarrassing Things About Being A RunnerMy Profile

  9. I can attest to that amazing head of hair you have. And it didn’t even seem affected by the Florida humidity. Can I say jealous?

    Congrats to your son and new daughter in law! You must be so excited!

    Miss you tons! <3
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted…Coffee TalkMy Profile

  10. Rachel says:

    Oh my gosh, congratulations! What a beautiful couple! Their baby will have a head full of hair. 🙂 Adorable!!
    Rachel recently posted…March Runfessions: Marine Corps Marathon Excitement!My Profile

  11. Congrats to your son and his wife! How exciting!
    Michelle @ Running with Attitude recently posted…April 2017 GoalsMy Profile

  12. Gina says:

    That is pretty funny that you’re so relaxed. I’m sorry… what a pain…. but YES to regularity!! Congrats to your son and new baby!
    Gina recently posted…Am I Good Enough? It’s RUNFESSION time!My Profile

  13. Tamieka says:

    I have been out of the loop… congratulations on the baby and the wedding! How exciting!

    Fill me in…why have you been out of work?
    Sorry to hear about the bathroom issues. Thanks must be annoying.

    • MB says:

      Nice to see you! I took some sick time off from work due to hypertension and gave myself some time to process the passing of my mom. It has been so nice to be home for a bit! Thanks for stopping by!

  14. Teresa says:

    I giggled about your son having a better man bun than you! He’s kind of got that Fabio look going with the breeze blowing and all 🙂 Congratulations and can’t wait to see Grandma Skippy with baby Luna!
    Teresa recently posted…March RunfessionsMy Profile

  15. Coco says:

    Congrats to your son! They do look so happy! Ugh, I know I will have FOMO over Utah but since I just added Denver May 21 my legs are saying “please have mercy” over that course. As a coach, don’t you think that downhill can be harder than people think?
    Coco recently posted…No Fools At The Ultimate Coffee Date Link UpMy Profile

  16. Congrats to your son and new daughter-in-law! They do look quite happy in their wedding picture!
    Kathryn @ Dancing to Running recently posted…April 2017 GoalsMy Profile

  17. Oh, Baby Luna….so many of us are excited for her arrival 😉 Fortunately, I don’t have the “solid” potty stops like you mentioned, but I have to pee every 3 miles it seems (what’s up with that???). If I get the slightest (like a mili-second of a trace of a thought), I need to find a “stop” pronto. I know…first world probs. But UGH.
    Kimberly Hatting recently posted…Five Things to Runfess over CoffeeMy Profile

  18. Congratulations to your son on getting married! How exciting he and his wife have a baby on the way!! I don’t have any big races until Magnolia Meltdown half in May. I’ve raced 2 weekends in a row and I’m pretty tired! Hope everything goes smoothly returning to work!

  19. Megan says:

    Congratulations on your son getting married and the new, soon-to-arrive baby!
    Megan recently posted…April Ultimate Coffee DateMy Profile

  20. Barrie says:

    Congrats for the soon to be baby and on your son’s marriage- what a cute couple! I love that you have so much friend-time when you exercise- that is so motivating!
    Barrie recently posted…Ultimate Coffee Chat: April EditionMy Profile

  21. Oooh, that almondmilk creamer looks tasty. 🙂
    Congrats on your son getting married! And, they have a baby on the way, so that’s double-awesome news!
    Enjoy Georgia, especially getting in some hill work which is always good for us runners.
    Shannon @GirlsGotSole recently posted…Ultimate Coffee Date – April 2017My Profile

  22. Congrats to you and your son and daughter in law! They look very happy!

    Have you done Utah Valley Half before? I was looking at it a month ago and the course looks pretty awesome! I am hope to knock Montana, Utah, South Dakota, and Iowa off my list this year.
    Missy Boser – Getting Fit to Find Myself recently posted…Ultimate Coffee Date – April EditionMy Profile

    • MB says:

      Thank you Missy! This will be my first time to run in Utah- I am excited and a little nervous of course! Are running the Utah half?

  23. CONGRATS to your son! And you!
    Nicole @ Fitful Focus recently posted…Must-Have Gear For Running With Your DogMy Profile

  24. Okay, I can now add you to the list of other runners who challenge me for the prize for the most potty stops during a run!

    Congrats to your family on the many happy blessings!
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…A Quick Visit To The FarmMy Profile

  25. Farrah says:

    I’m glad March has treated you well! I hope you have a fun time in Georgia! I’ve never been there, but I’ve heard it’s a great place to visit! :]

    Congrats to your son and his wife! :]
    Farrah recently posted…Ultimate Coffee Date: April 2017My Profile

  26. COngrats on your sons marriage! That creamer looks great, I will def have to give it a try!
    RunningLovingLiving (@tonee78) recently posted…2017 Echo Half Marathon Training Week 2My Profile

  27. Congratulations!!! You must be so proud and happy of your son and new DIL! Hope you have a nice week.
    Julie @ Running in a Skirt recently posted…Balsamic Glazed SalmonMy Profile

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