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Time to ask the Doctor????

So we are headed out today for my first back to back running weekend!  I am a little nervous!  First on my plate I have Zooma Texas in Austin on Saturday morning and it is my first 10K.  I am going to follow that with a 5K in Galveston presented  by the Diva Run Series! […]


My visit to Swirlgear!

Being a Swirlgear ambassador I could not resist going by the Swirlgear office during my visit to Chicago!  Marisa Flores, Senior Manager was gracious enough to invite me into her world for a real look behind the scenes of the growing business.  One of the interesting things about Chicago is that you cannot tell what […]


And the winner is ???????

This has been so much fun! and I hope everyone has enjoyed the Spring into Fitness Blog hop!We would like to thank and for organizing such a fun event!  WE have gained new followers and found new great blogs and readers/runners to follow as well! What would a blog hop be without a […]


What’s On Your Playlist?

I’ve been in a rut lately with my running and my music has become BORING!  It is time to change it up but I need help.  Right now I cannot imagine trying to run without noise.  I often count how far I have gone by the song that is playing.  When I am ready to […]

Ask the Doctor- I just wanted to know

So I have always wanted to know what is more important- the pre workout meal or the post workout meal?  I am a morning runner- I like to get up early, slowly drink a cup of coffee and then get dressed to run, it is usually a 45 minute process.  When I say run I […]


The Packing List

Whether I am traveling to Chicago for a conference or Greece for vacation I never forget to pack my running shoes.  The roads have led to some fabulous places to explore when I ventured out for a “quick” run.   Depending on the destination and climate, tennis shoes may not be enough.  Here are my […]


It all started with Disney!

It all started with the Disney Princess Half marathon.  If you are going to start – I say start big and there is no place like Disney!  I had never signed up for a half marathon before and was super excited about participating in this one.  I downloaded a walking program and my training began. […]


Strengthening My Mind and Body with Pilates

Without any knowledge of what I was getting myself into I attended my first Pilates lesson over two years ago.  It was an eye opening experience when I received my body analysis.  I discovered that I hyper-extend my knees and my posture needed a lot of work.  It was incredible to learn that with the […]


Welcome to the Spring Blog Hop!

    Welcome to Tutus and Tennies and the Spring into Fitness giveaway Blog hop!  What is a blog hop?   It is a group of blogs that are all linked together for 1 large giveaway hop. You can hop from blog to blog and enter as many giveaways as you want!  Have fun with […]


Women’s History Month Celebrates Kathrine Switzer

March is Women’s History Month and Kathrine Switzer is certainly a woman to be honored. As a reward from her running coach, Kathrine entered the Boston Marathon in 1967 even though women were not allowed to officially compete until 1972.  She registered as “K.V. Switzer” and she became the first woman to run the marathon […]

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