Be Brave- Time to come Clean! July Runfessions

Be Brave, it is time for me to come clean.  This most likely will be my last blog post for a little while.  When I started this blog I had no idea where it would go.  No idea, the companies I would work with and the friends I would make as I went along.  It has been incredible!

At the end of last year, I lost my mom.  No worries, I know where she is.  I have had to deal with the reality that not only did she die in a tragic accident but she died because she wanted to.  My mother’s death has been ruled, “suicide by cop”.  I will never understand it but I have been brave and tried to accept it.  The facts cannot be changed.

My mom did instill in me the courage to be brave.  Don’t let the fear of the unknown slow me down or get in my way has always been my mantra.  I have been off from work for over 5 months now and my life will be forever changed.  My family has added a new daughter in law and 2 beautiful granddaughters are now a part of our lives.  My life is changed forever.

My hubby convinced me that I was too young to retire but understood my desire to retire from my previous profession.  I had to really slow down, rest, and keep an open mind.  A couple of months ago an opportunity basically landed in my lap.  The chance to be my own boss, stay in the community that I love and support and work in an environment that focuses on sports and family fitness.  I kept telling myself to be brave.  Be Brave Skippy!  With my big girl panties on and my hubby’s support I moved forward.

There has been many discussions (not all good), many meetings, forms, licenses, travel, spreadsheets and phone calls but I am ready.  I am ready to move out of my box.  I am ready to be brave.  On August 8th, I will sign the dotted line and the Winter Haven Play It Again Sports franchise will be mine!  I don’t expect it to be a perfect path but I have a great support team and I am grateful!  I want to prove that you can teach an old dog new tricks!  It is time for MBJ 2.0!

There is a lot to do over the next couple of months as I breathe some new life into this business and mold my team for success.  So I runfess that I may not see some of you as much I would like but I will still be around.  I hope to see many of you on the road!  You never know where our paths will cross!

Remember to take time to live, love and laugh and always Be Brave!  

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  1. Wow what an exciting opportunity for you! Sounds like a really different path for you but hey why not? I can’t wait to hear more about it. Good luck to you!
    Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner recently posted…July RunfessionsMy Profile

  2. Kimberly G says:

    Congrats on your new opportunity! I’m sure that it will be a very rewarding experience. I love that you’re whole be brave attitude – it’s inspiring!
    Kimberly G recently posted…Join Me For July RunfessionsMy Profile

  3. Darlene says:

    OMG! What a brave thing to do. Good luck.

    But I think you will be perfect. Be sure to keep us all in the loop.
    Darlene recently posted…Five Five 2.0: July RunfessionsMy Profile

  4. Chaitali says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your loss last year. It sounds like you’ve come through a hard time with a lot of strength and this new opportunity seems like the perfect fit!
    Chaitali recently posted…Friday Five – last week’s workoutsMy Profile

  5. HoHo Runs says:

    What a wonderful opportunity. I’m so excited for you, Skippy. You have been very brave! I’m tearing up thinking about the loss of your Mom. (BIG HUG) But, I think she is very proud of you! I’m so glad we’ve been able to connect and I hope there are many more fun times ahead.

  6. Wow! Congrats & good luck with this new chapter in your life.
    Judy @ Chocolaterunsjudy recently posted…Damn you, s’mores: Runfessions July 2017My Profile

  7. I’ve got a ton of sports gear that I guess I need to haul to Florida to fill up your storefront! I know you’ll still be at LV! Are you going to blog?
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted…Runfessions: JulyMy Profile

  8. Tamieka says:

    Oh wow!! I have been away and have missed so much!

    Congrats on all the wonderful family growth and super congrats on your new endeavour! So exciting!

  9. WOW!!!!! I knew there was something in the works, and this sounds like a great adventure you are embarking on 😉 Best of luck, and keep us posted!!
    Kimberly Hatting recently posted…What’s there to Runfess?My Profile

  10. Marcia says:

    Girl I know you and you’ve SO got this bull by the horns! So so proud of you for taking a big, scary leap and I know it’s gonna pay off. As always, I am cheering for you! xoxo
    Marcia recently posted…Runfession Friday LinkupMy Profile

  11. Teresa says:

    This is awesome news MB! You will be a fantastic business owner and I wish you all the best on this new adventure in your life!! The older we get, the BRAVER we are!
    Teresa recently posted…July Runfessions: Hotter than …..?My Profile

  12. Oh wow!!!! What a great opportunity!!! I think its a perfect fit for you. Congrats! Sad we will not hear as much from you, but I understand.

    Sorry about your Mom too- xoxo
    Julie @ Running in a Skirt recently posted…One Week into this Broken Elbow Thing…My Profile

  13. Karen Bayne says:

    I am so sorry for all you have been through. I wish you all the best in your new endeavor! I admire your ability to be brave 🙂
    And I am so glad you have your precious little grandbaby in your life.

  14. Oh wow – congrats on this new opportunity! I really am enjoying your blog – glad I found it 🙂

  15. Coco says:

    Catching up from last week. Such exciting news. Your new adventure sounds awesome – I predict great success!
    Coco recently posted…August Hot Or Iced Ultimate Coffee Date Link UpMy Profile

  16. This post makes me smile, because I can read something in between those lines. It may be scary but I get the feeling the unknown is so exciting!
    MB you are going to pour your heart and soul in this and make it great!!! I just know it!
    Congratulations my friend! recently posted…Weekly Wrap 105 Fall TrainingMy Profile

  17. This is super exciting! You’re going to be a GREAT business owner.

    And I’m sorry to hear your mom’s death was so tragic. I had no idea. Hugs to you. 💕
    Rachel Frutkin recently posted…Opting Outside + Surviving Sufferfest 2017 {MCM Training: Week 7}My Profile

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