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I am a wife, mother, stepmother, working healthcare financial professional and a 5K enthusiast! I love to travel, try new products, meet new friends, eat great food and drink great wine! Why not run around the world in my tutu and tennies?

Getting fit with Fit Niche!

So I did it! I got my first official running shoe fitting.  It is 2014 and if I intend to improve my running game we must start with the feet!  I was skeptical to say the least but I loaded up my hubby and headed for our local Fit Niche store who specializes in this […]


Running and Resolutions

As we look back, 2013 was filled with many blessings and milestones.  However, in order to constantly improve and better ourselves we believe it is important to set goals and push ourselves outside our comfort levels. OUR TOP 5 RESOLUTIONS FOR 2014: Artie-Run a 5K in under 36 minutes and a Half Marathon in under 3 hours.  […]

Virtual runs- Love them or hate them?

Artie and I have just completed our first ever Holiday Virtual 5K series!  Thanks to DailyVitaminF !  So our question to you- do you love them or hate them and why? We are having fun with it, especially when it is so easy to get off track during the holidays.  We have fabulous friends to hold us accountable […]

One of my favorite gifts!

Christmas is over and it is time to start thinking about the new year and my fitness goals but first I want to share one of my favorite Christmas gifts that I received from my hubby. The new Fitbit Flex!   This super cool gadget syncs with my computer and my Iphone to gauge my activity.  Goal #1- to reach the […]

Let’s get Fit- Let’s have Fun!

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Artie and I are so excited about starting our first running group!  We carved out a nice 2 mile and 3 mile course right down Cypress Gardens Blvd.  We are going to meet Wednesday’s at 5:30pm at Grape Expectations.  (Thanks Randy!)  Artie and I want to put the fun into running and encourage everyone to […]


Getting off the Couch!

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  When I first started running I wanted something that would take me from a 50-minute mile to a 30-minute mile with little effort and in just a few days.  I began my search on the internet which led me to apps for my iphone.  I downloaded the 5K Runner and I was off.  After […]

Project Think Pink

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  I hope my friends are as excited with my find as I am!  You can find the lady behind these Tutus on Facebook at We Care Think Pink. Think Pink is under the auspices or fundraising umbrella of We Care, which the Polk County Medical Association started in Polk County.  This is a project that […]


Tutus and Thankful Hearts!

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  10 Ten Things we are Thankful For: 1.  Men and Women who fight for our Freedom. 2.  Supportive Family and Friends who encourage us to run after our goals. 3.  No limits – except what is set by MasterCard/Visa – to buy cute running apparel 4.  A calendar full of fun races. 5.  Good health and no […]


Where to next? We are starting the year with the Zooma Race series!

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  We are starting our year off at the Ritz Carlton, Amelia Island and that means one thing- we have registered for the Florida Zooma series!  January 18th, I am going to complete my first ever 5K on the beach!  Zooma promises a nice event packed for a great girl’s weekend!  Mocktails, fitness expo, Muscle […]

We are packing for the Diva series!

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We are packing for the Diva series! What can’t we leave home without?  Artie and I have put together a 10  of our must haves! Running With Red Lipstick And . . . .  .   Running a 5K or a  ½ Marathon is always stressful but running in another country takes it to a different […]

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