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I am a wife, mother, stepmother, working healthcare financial professional and a 5K enthusiast! I love to travel, try new products, meet new friends, eat great food and drink great wine! Why not run around the world in my tutu and tennies?

Running and Plank?

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We know all good runners need a little strength conditioning in their training routine!  So I have something for you!  A lovely friend sent this to me this morning and I think this is the perfect challenge for November!  I am not gonna lie- this will be tough for me!  I am your average non […]


Joggin for the Noggin 5K

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                I was so excited that our local college, Polk State College, returned with its 2nd annual Joggin’ for the Noggin 5K night race.   The event was filled with colorful runners dressed in a variety of spooky and fun costumes.  We love it when there are colorful tutus and tennies out and about for a family friendly […]

Meet Jae Lynn

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Two weeks and counting before we jump on the plane and head to Puerto Rico for the Diva Half Marathon.   I’m very ready to have a get-a-way with some fabulous friends and spend some time in a fabulous location…..but I think I could use another week or two to have a few more miles logged […]


The Neon Run- Brave the Night

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  I will give it to them, the race set up definitely grabs your attention.  There are neon glow in the dark arches, pop ups and tunnels everywhere but this is NOT the race for the serious 5K participant.  This is a social night out of the house. The event had 2 heats- 7:45 pm […]



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 I am always pushing myself and running 10 miles on October 5th was no exception. I was so excited and ready to break a PR.  With all Disney Races there is always a lot of energy and excitement in the air and this race was no exception. I was running with some of my friends […]


Divas half marathon & 5k in Puerto Rico

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Preparations have begun for our first ever Diva series race.  November 10, 2013,  I will be competing in the 5K race with my long time best friend Kitty and Artie and our fabulous girlfriend Jae Lynn are taking on the 1/2 marathon! This race will be hosted in San Juan Puerto Rico and promises 2 1/2 […]



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Welcome to Tutus and Tennies and meet our Mascot!  Artie and I are 2 friends that have strengthened our friendship thru the love of exercise and travel.  Yes, I said it, exercise!  We all need to do it!  We picked running because that seemed like an easy place to start.  I mean really all you need […]

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