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August week four is hot and heating up!

We are coming to the end of August and it just keeps heating up!  I don’t see a break in the heat anywhere! Looks like I will just sweat my way right thru Labor day and beyond!  It is time to wrap up the week with our lovely hostesses:  Holly and Tricia. Monday on the […]


My First Runfession, here we go!

link up with Marcia and runfess, it is good for the soul! Look at me!  Here I am, my first runfession post!  Why does this link up make me nervous?  I don’t know!  We all know I love me some Coach M, maybe that is it?  Pressure!  Runfession #1.  I am getting over it and […]


August Week Three and the Treadmill!

Let me just start by saying it was one hell of a week!  I felt like I was on a treadmill chasing a carrot and could not grab it!  I went from meeting to meeting, place to place, day after day!  Holy cow!  There has to be an easier way!  Thank you for stopping by […]


Starting Week 2 with StepBet!

Yes, you are reading this right!  I have beat week one and I am on to week two with my StepBet challenge!  I have not been eliminated but dang, it was tight! Let’s jump right to the weekly update shall we?  Remember my StepBet goal is 4 days with 10871 steps or higher and 2 […]


Welcome to my Hood for a Morning Run!

Join me and welcome to my neighbor “hood”.  I am thinking out loud and on a neighbor hood treasure hunt. First stop, my coffee bar.  Sugar free creamer, decaf coffee and a big spoon of coconut oil.  That’s it.  I gotta have it! Now I’m dressed and out the door.  4 miles is my goal. […]


August with StepBet Week One

What was I thinking?  How did I let myself get sucked into this challenge?  Well, my money is in and I am going to work it like a boss!  Never heard of StepBet?  Walk more. Win money! StepBet is a fitness game that motivates you to be more active. In each StepBet game, players pay […]


August Coffee Date- I See Football!

Good morning!  I have a huge cup of decaf coffee with sugar-free creamer and a big spoon of coconut oil!  Did you check out my friends at Skinny Coconut OIl?  Check out my post if you missed it!  So, it is nice to spend a Saturday morning with you!  No long run this morning.  My […]


Can you captivate me? Earn my race $$$?

  Can you attract me, hold my attention, charm me and captivate?  I am your typical women, average, no, but a woman most definitely!  I make no apologies for that!  So, what is it going to take to get on my fall race schedule? Join DebRuns for this week’s edition of Wednesday Word! I am […]


ZOOMA Summer Challenge Week 5- What is Next?

Our ZOOMA Summer Challenge is over so what is next?  July is over so what is next?  It is August 1st, does that mean fall is around the corner?  Well, not really if you live in Florida, LOL!  Before I start sweating let’s get to the weekly update. Monday on the plan:    35 minute […]


Virtual Runs- Love them or Hate them?

Virtual runs, love them or hate them?  That is the question.  I think you are either a fan or simply just not.  I love them!  Everyone is getting into it, even the big race companies.  ZOOMA and  Rock n’Roll marathon are two groups that come to mind and I am noticing more and more groups […]

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