If Girls Ran the World! Be ambitious!

Be bold and be creative!  Be ambitious and be you!  What if, just what if, girls ran the world? This October, I am joining If Girls Ran the World benefitting Girls Inc. with thousands of other people.  We will be on a one of a kind adventure to collectively and virtually run around the world […]


FitBit Blaze plus Sleep- Great Combo

A few months ago I jumped off the FitBit ledge and bought the new FitBit Blaze.  My Charge HR had pooped out on me and I knew I needed the upgrade.  Go big or go home, right? A couple of the new features include: All day activity and sleep tracker Pure Pulse Heart Rate Smartwatch […]


Week 2 and I am a Hunting Widow!

You are reading it right, hunting season has begun!  I so wish I could shake this cough for good!  I have been on a combination of allegra, supafed, and cough syrup for a week and I am going to kick it for good!  My voice is still a little gargbling but I have another ZOOMA […]


ZOOMA Cape Cod Fitness Weekend

Cape Cod is beautiful! Please note:  I am a ZOOMA ambassador. I get a free race entry for any ZOOMA event I choose to attend.  All other expenses are on my own.  At my house, we plan our “big” vacation a couple of years out.  We have a list and we work it like a […]


Handle with care! Your running gear deserves it!

Handle with care! You’ve spent your hard-earned money on your exercise gear like Running Shorts or Compression Socks and now it’s time to put it to the test. After a grueling workout, you and your Lycra® containing gear are ready for a bath. By the way, Spandex is the generic Lycra® version. Lycra® is a […]


Half marathon training has begun! Week 1

Coach M said it, we are starting half marathon training.  It is official, I have registered, I have figured out how to work , drive to Panama City, work some more and spend a fabulous weekend with some fabulous ladies.  Yes friends, I am talking about the Panama City Half marathon.  December 3rd is the […]


AwarewithPink- Friday Five with SweatPink

AwarewithPink TGIF my friends!  Greetings from windy, rainy Florida! I am participating with my fellow SweatPink sisters today and we are celebrating!  We are celebrating all things that make us feel aware and empowered!  We are awarewithpink! My Friday Five includes: #1  TUNES!  I must have them!  I hate to run with out my tunes! […]


Vacation, fall weather and ZOOMA Cape Cod

Hello!  Where do I start?  I am back from vacation, loved the fall weather and had a great time at ZOOMA Cape Cod! When I last left off I had finished the Fit Foodie 15K in Tampa, click here if you missed the recap.  I am behind 2 weeks on my recap so we will […]


My Fit Foodie 15K recap- Tampa Style

The Fit Foodie race series was coming to Florida and I knew I wanted to be a part!  Tampa is only an hour commute for me so I was definitely in!  I read a couple of blog reviews from the Virginia race and knew I wanted to be a part of it.  Fit Foodie?  Oh […]


Countdown to the Fit Foodie 15K- weekly update!

Don’t you love countdown week?  All the excitement that builds when you are on the countdown to a big race is so much fun!  When we originally signed up for the Fit Foodie 15K I thought I would be running a half marathon the following weekend in Cape Cod.  I know that Coach M likes […]


The StepBet Stats! My Adventure!

Here it is, the moment we have waited for, my StepBet stats!  How did I do?  Did I really make any money?  So, more than 6 weeks ago I got an email from the folks at StepBet.  A challenge was open and the timing was right.  The hubby was doing a lot of travel at […]

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