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ZOOMA Summer Challenge Week 4- Be Speedy!

Be Speedy!  Those are the two words my hubby says before every race.  The goal this summer has been to run a sub 30 5K.  As my hubby likes to remind me, I simply need to just run faster.  This is when I make a face at him and wander out the door mumbling, be […]


Come ZOOMA with ME! Cape Cod is on!

I know there has been a lot of confusion out there about the ZOOMA Cape Cod event.  I hope I can clear the air a little.  The rumor is correct, there is no ZOOMA Cape Cod Half Marathon.  Am I disappointed?  Of course!  The Cape Cod half was listed in the top ten half marathons […]


The Skinny on Coconut Oil

I was first introduced to coconut oil shortly after I started blogging.  My hubby encouraged me to meet with his social media guru for and she introduced me to the idea of coconut oil.  Since I was immediately intrigued, I had to try it.  More than 2 years later I am still going coconut […]


ZOOMA Summer Challenge Week 3- Celebration

Not only have I finished week 3 of the ZOOMA summer challenge but it has also been a week-long celebration!  Seriously, how did my daughter get to be 26?  Whew, I am getting old!  LOL!  Good thing you are only as old as you feel!  Right now I feel wet!  The celebration continues and it […]


Get Cooking with Blue Apron

This girl has gotta eat!  I mean I am always hungry and after a long day, meal planning is the worst!  I will admit I do not sit down on the weekends and plan out our meals for the week.  Hats off to those of you that can get it done.  My hubby and I […]


A Mid Year Check Up

Just like going to the doctor I thought I would do a mid year check up!  It is a great time to see where I am and look back on my progress so far this year.  Before you know it, we will be heading into the holiday season and the year will be coming to […]


ZOOMA Summer Challenge Week Two and a new PR!

We started the week off with a holiday and a lot of bang and a new PR to celebrate!  I love a 3 day weekend and a 4 day work week, I think we should have more of them!  It is time to check in with our weekly wrap hostesses:  Holly and Tricia!  This is […]


Watch Those Ears!!

Runners, please watch those ears!  I have made it no secret the last few years I have been in and out of the dermatology office with skin cancer.  Cancer is just an ugly word and it can leave ugly scars but you have to catch it and catch it in time.   I know May […]


ZOOMA Summer Challenge Week One

AWWWWW!  Wasn’t the long weekend fabulous?  I loved it!  Last week we kicked off the ZOOMA Summer challenge and I am adding it to my normal training schedule.  Coach M gave it the thumbs up and I could not resist the challenge bling!  Each week we are introducing new foods to our diet and are […]


July Coffee Date- Keep Running!

Do you ever tell yourself. to just keep going?  I cannot believe it is the first of July! We are headed right into the heat of the summer and I just keep running!  Let’s take a break this morning and sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and chat.  First off, let’s thank our coffee […]

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