Happy Holidays December Coffee Date

It is just crazy that we are 3 weeks out to Christmas!  Seriously?  How did that happen so fast? Thank you for stopping by this morning and joining me for coffee!  Please make sure you stop by and visit with our hostesses:  Deborah and Coco too! Happy Holiday ya’ll, let’s chat!  ☕️ If we were […]


Happy Thanksgiving- Week 8!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!  I hope you try had a great holiday and cheers to those that got a 4 day weekend!  If you are a follower you know I spent the holiday in rural Wisconsin. I am one week out to the Panama City Beach half and I finished week one of the Bombshell […]


Week Seven- Oh my the miles!

Oh my, the miles this week!  I am just a couple of weeks out from the Panama City Beach half marathon and it is getting real!  The weather in Florida is great this time of year and getting out to run is just spectacular! It is time for the weekly wrap with Holly and Tricia! […]


Friday Five- The Best Holiday Recipes

I love the holidays!  The food, the wine, the gatherings- I love it all!  I believe some of us were born to cook, some born to entertain and then there are some of us that hope not to burn the damn house down!  If you are in category #3 you have landed on the right […]


Fit and Festive? Time for a Holiday Challenge!

It is time to be fit and festive!  Next week is Thanksgiving week!  WOW!  It is time to eat all the turkey, eat all the cookies and drink all the wine, right?  RIGHT! Ok, wrong!  Balance is the name of the game and I found a holiday challenge that I am going to participate in […]


Week Six – Rest and well we have a new President

OMG! I don’t know about you but I’m glad the election is over! It is what it is – I’m moving on!  After 25 years in health care if we could get some health care reform that made sense I would be excited!  I have never worked so hard as I have the last 4 […]


Friday Five- Did you Know?

Did you know? This is my 4th year running?  My first profile said I was a 5K enthusiast.  My goal in 2013 was to run a 5K every month.  I ran 23 that year!  FOMO set in and I can now say I conquered the half marathon distance.  I love all that big bling!  I […]


Change is a good thing or no?

My alarm went off at 5 am yesterday morning and I stumbled to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee.  A beautifully brewed cup was in my hand and I shuffled to the recliner and reached for my laptop.  Marcia’s Tuesday on the Run post popped up and I sank in to read.  My […]


Week 5 and the Lake to Lake!

Post Image

I can’t believe we are 4 weeks out to the Panama City Beach half!  8 blogging friend and runners all meet, you know it just can’t get better!  This week was tough with work assignments, an anniversary and a 10K planned on Saturday.  Before we get to the Lake to Lake let’s start at the […]


November Thanksgiving Coffee Chat

Good morning lovelies!  Holy Moly it is the first Saturday in November, what the heck! If we were having coffee this morning I would tell you: I have 2 races this month.  One of them is this morning!  Yes I am sipping coffee and tying my shoelaces!  I am running the Lake to Lake 10K […]

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